Rainbow Six Letdown

Played a few game of Halo with the old faithful cousin on guest, mixed bag of results. First game was great, CTF on Sandtrap, 2 flag scores and 25 kills, could not have gone better. After that i thought we were set up for a solid few hours of Halo related fun, until we played Valhalla and got paired with 3 team killers. A bunch of betrayals and 3 bootings later we got beat. No surprise really.

Next game saw us on One bomb on Avalanche which is my favourite map. I had good feelings about this one. Did not score the first round but i managed to lead an awesome defence which saw us hold them off until my team mate decided to move the hog that was blocking the teleporter…thanks. They scored with about 4 seconds left. Safe to say we got beat thanks to weak teammates, cant win them all though.

So after that 2 game bad run my cousin pulled out Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 which he picked up in town. Being an avid fan of Black Arrow and the first Vegas game i fired it up for some split screen action. First annoyance, vertical screen splitting, for the life of me I could not find the option to change this. Can you? Please help me, I prey I’m being stupid. After I got used to this we proceeded through the first two missions.

First mission was the usual skulk around save some hostages and kill some bad guys. In fact so was the second mission. And I presume so was the next 7 missions. I’m not saying its not fun its just not new. I felt like I was still playing the first game, the 2nd level saw me in a casino which i swear was in the first game. Total Dejavu! I mean the games ok but why would anyone spend 40 quid on it, I’m shocked that they actually released this as a game, it should have been DLC. Bad developers!

Anyway, hopefully have some more positive reviews soon. Just wait until I review skate 😉


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