The Quest for Brigadier Pt1

Its been over 6 months since I got my Lone Wolves up to level 40 and I have been quite content to keep it there. I believe the rank should reflect my skill so did not want to push for 45 too fast but I feel the time is near to set the bar that little bit higher.

I must have played about 10 or so games this afternoon and I started off really well going up from 39 to 42 in five or six games, thought i was in for an easy ride…as if. Next game was against some really dodgy 2nd account generals so i was already unsure to the outcome but when Swords on Epitaph came up and no one vetoed, my heart truly sank. I have a very shitty connection, it must max on 2 meg on good days. Generally I have no trouble with it but when it comes to swords against people with high connections I fell like im on dial up. I know the melee block and lunge, I use it regularly but when I’m on yellow ping there is just no point even swinging, Id be better throwing the sword aside and trying to punch my way to a win. Safe to say I dropped my 42 after one game of having it. Sad face…

But then I went back up, then back down, then back up, then back down then finally in my last game I levelled at 42 and decided to call it quits. 39 40 41 42 41 42 41 42. Could have been worse. I think I can get my 45 though, I want those wings man!

Hopefully pt2 will be the final tale in the saga (saga? I wish).


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