The Quest for Brigadier Pt2


AGGGHHHHH…there, nice to get that out of the way. I just had the worst 3 games of Lone Wolves ever. For some reason there was only four players in the first game which was slayer on guardian. I started off great with a nice spree with the shotgun and even got my hands on the sniper before I was grenade spammed from about 3 different directions. I promptly dwindled and fell down the table after the promising start, bad respawns, coming against shotguns and getting my head sprayed across the wall from a sniper were the highlights. I had a little flourish at the end to come within five kills of the lead which was still the bottom of the godamned table. Four players with five kills spread between them and I go straight down a rank, not the best of stars.

Next game was slayer on the pit, which is usually a personal favourite of mine but I just could not get going in this game. Coming against ridiculous snipers and rockets were the theme for the first half of the game. I managed to get my hands on a sniper and catch up the top 4 players but I could not improve on this at all. I had my chances but the amount of times I’d be outBRing some guy when a nade fly’s across from some fucking direction and steals the kill was unbelievable.

Last game made me throw things around the room. I’m not proud of it but it happened. I hate High Ground, one of my least favourite maps, especially for Lone Wolves. The spawns are ridiculous on it, almost as bad as Foundry. Bit of a mirror image of the last two games where I had nice little spree in the middle with the possible glimpse of a late win to get some awful respawns and luck right at the end.

I called it a day after that, blaming the “fucking yellow ping” that I often complain about. I wish Broadband companies would upgrade my connection, we’ve had bugger all for years now.

As soon as I get my Brig I’m gonna float off to my happy land of social gaming shenanigans never to be seen in the darkened lands of Lone Wolves ever again…although a 50 would be a possibility…


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