Shoping is fun…

…but not when your broke. Last night I bought two games from a site I found through Frugal Gaming’s Twitter, really good site, going to save me a lot of money! The game I bought for myself was Beowulf, yes I know it will suck but for £3.99 you cant go far wrong. I also picked up Shadowrun for a friend for the same price. Kind of selfish because I love this game and I want to play it more, I’m sure he will like it too.

For those of you who have not played this game, you really should, its a cracking game. I played this game almost every night for the entire summer. I still dig it out now and again but not as much as it deserves.

Would have bought more but Halo Wars is out next week and I need my Mythic Maps, they look amazing. Been watching all the videos and viewing all the screen shots that are emerging from If your a fan of Halo and have somehow missed these then you should get yourself across there and check it out. HBO has a post with all the write ups, you should seriously check this out.


One thought on “Shoping is fun…

  1. Lots of people loved Shadow Run, I could not get on with it. I might pick it up and give it another go.

    Nice Blog by the way


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