Skate 2 gets DLC

A good friend passed this little link onto me today detailing a new Fantasy Plaza Park. Hopefully EA will keep up the DLC because God knows I’ll be buying everything they bring out, nice if they brought some new locations and events from around the world. Anyway, here’s the article…

EA will expand Skate 2 today with Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Plaza.

This costs 400 Microsoft Points (GBP 3.40 / EUR 4.80) from Xbox Live, and USD 4.99 from the PlayStation Store. We’re not sure whether this will be available for European PS3 owners as the store hasn’t been updated yet.

There are no elves, dwarves or naked ladies in this fantasy land, but a skateboarding haven created by Dyrdek (and shoe company DC), who happens to be a professional skateboarder. And an entrepreneur. And the star of his own reality TV show.

The Fantasy Plaza forms the centrepiece of Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory show for MTV, and has an appropriate amount of ledges, gaps and rails to do pointy-nosed up-turned roundabouts on.

Skate 2 launched on Xbox 360 and PS3 quite recently, and turned up sporting the acclaimed balletic strategy that made the series an instant hit. Head over to our Skate 2 review to find out more.



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