Muchos Gaming.

Not blogged since Thursday, eek, been busy playing lots and lots of xbox. Played the Skate 2 DLC, Beowulf, Halo Wars demo and a large amount oh Halo3 so lots and lots of reviewing to do.

Skate 2 DLC

For 400 MS points you can pick up Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy ‘Factory and a 50 possible achievement points. The skate plaza is based on a real area from Rob Dyrdeks reality TV show which I have never heard of, must not be on TV on this side of the pond. Here’s a photo of the real thing as I could not get my hands on a shot of the in game version, from what I can see its an exact copy anyway.

There is some great lines and grinds on the park as well as a rooftop grind paradise, I’m talking ledge upon ledge where you can get amazing combos. If that’s not enough there is a whole outside area with a lot of rails and jumps and lots of items to move around and create your own spots. You can also transition of the roof into a massive sewage pipe similar to the one in San Van which is ridiculous fun.

If you get bored of Freeskating there is a bunch of own the spot challenges which I killed with relative ease and a couple of tricky yet fun film challenges. I enjoyed the grind challenge in the park, shows you a couple of grinds that I would not have noticed myself. Once you do all of these there is a street contest in the park which will give you your final 25 point achievement. From the looks of the achievements EA will be releasing three more areas to skate, not sure how i feel about this as the cost will mount up, no doubt ill buy them anyway. I’m a sucker for DLC. Still two hidden achievements that I’m gonna have to look into.

But all in all if your a big fan of Skate 2 then these are definitely worth downloading, bring on more spots for me to murder!

More reviews to follow. 😉

Ignore the crazy font size at the top of blog, cant fix it…


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