Peasants Quest

Spent a few hours playing around on this morning. Had a large chuckle on the text adventure games and the StrongLibs before coming across the fun little puzzler that is Peasants Quest, I know im like 4 years late on finding this but I dont care. You play a peasant called “Rather Dashing” who is off to seek revenge on the dragon thing called Trogdor who burned your cottage to the ground. Much hilarity ensues as you need to become more of a peasant to gain entry to the Dragons lair. You have to find a way to smell and look like a peasant as well as catch fire…interesting. Theres some great references to old games and movies hidden away in here including a nice little zelda animation. See if you can spot it for yourself when you play the game.

Simple game in principle but you need to stretch your brain muscles to get around some of the puzlles. For every complication there is an amusing little way around it. I had a good laugh throwing the baby around.

I did get stuck on one occasion but I used this handy little guide to help me past it. If you have not played this then off you go and get stuck in.


Skate 2 Patch

A pretty good list of improvements here…

-Improve responsiveness of off-board controls, modified left stick behaviour to improve feel of off-board movement

-Eliminate scoring exploit for Hippie Jump 180s in multiplayer Spot Battle

-Eliminate the wipeout exploit with off-board and the Superdude trick

-Fixed mute and stale grab tricks to use proper hand when performed in conjunction with a hand gesture

-Fix the occasionally popping of visual indicators (sign-ups, arrows, etc)

-Added support for custom soundtracks for the PS3

-Face and Body settings will now load properly in saved replays

-Character models will be in high detail when viewing a replay

-Visual indicators (sign-up icons/arrows) are no longer visible in replays and videos

-Remove the confirmation pop-up when retrying a challenge

-Reduce potential for pedestrians to spawn in an active challenge location

-Modified “Can you spell Girl?” challenge so the player starts with the lead

-Remove the 3,2,1 countdown when retrying a film challenge

-All Thrasher challenges unlock properly in the career progression

-When starting an Own the Spot via the Challenge Map, the player’s session marker is automatically set for them

-Updated the online mini-map so skaters appear as the same color indicated in the player HUD

-Improved quality of character images generated for display on skate.reel web profiles

-EXP is no longer awarded for players that don’t attempt a trick during a Ranked game of S.K.A.T.E.

-Modified deathrace intro sequences to eliminate camera clipping

-Online Freeskate Activities (Survival) – Increase the tolerance for ‘skating too slowly’ while in the air

-Online Spot Battle/Hall of Meat – Spectators can again trigger hand gestures during another player’s turn

I’m so happy they have removed the bail glitch as it spoiled the Hall of Meat online mode, nothing more frustrating than glitchers on ranked matches. Other interesting update is the fact that you start with the lead on “Can you spell Girl” challenge, might be able to do this challenge now!! Exciting!!

Shame they did not fix the glitch that I just blogged about, grrr…

Are you an Active Skater?

Got this lovely little achievement earlier today, well I did not get it first try. There’s a little glitch with this achievement if you have downloaded any of the new content from the marketplace. When I completed the last challenge there was no little exciting bleep bloop from my TV. Luckily my partner in Skate related crime had been through the same thing, all you have to do is delete the content off your HD then reboot the game and compete one challenge and you should be greeted with 20 hard, yet enjoyably earned gamer points. I can honestly say that this has been one of my favourite achievements on the Xbox so far. I only have 40 more points to get on Skate 2 to get the full 1250, I’m not sure if i’m going to get them though, I hate S.K.A.T.E challenges.

Oh almost forgot to say, Bungie have announced the marketplace release date of the Mythic maps, 9th of April is the glory day for all you excited little people.

One night and a lot of games…

Last night was a great night for gaming. Started out by testing the multi player Peggle which is great. There’s the dual mode where each player takes a shot and the one with the most points at the end wins. This is pretty good fun especially when you pull off a last minute come back by clearing the table and landing a big bonus shot. There’s an achievement available here called Rock Lobster which is pretty easy to get, all you have to do is win with the flippers on, took me a few goes to get though.

The next mode is where the fun really is, Peggle Party! 4 player Peggle where you have ten balls each to get as many points as possible. The best thing about this mode is the fact that you can view your opponents screens and check out there ridiculous shots. You get an achievement for winning a round, took me a little while but I had great fun getting it. Peggle is the most addictive arcade game I’ve played since the days of Marble Blast Ultra and Sonic, lost so many hours playing those games.

Anyway after playing this I ventured onto the fairways and struggled through a few more holes on Tiger Woods, got the achievement for winning my first major. My friend accused me of cheating as I made it a 2 day event, pffft, I don’t play golf so its not cheating to me. Just got a lend of TW09 on Monday and I’ve been playing it non stop, its so addictive. I have not played a golf game since PGA Tour 97 back on my parents 2.5 gig PC…good times.

The highlight of the night was still to come as I jumped on Skate 2 with a friend to do some more of the freeskate activities. My good friend Billy has completed them all so he was helping me finish off the last half that I have to complete. After doing two or three he invited in a friend from another forum and we smashed through a ton of challenges including the horrid trick list in the SV stadium. Its been so long since I had a good laugh with someone new on Live. Party chat does turn you into a bit of a recluse, especially on Halo where the majority of people are abusive little idiots.

So all in all a very good day on the old Xbox; achievements, laughter and new friends, is that not what Live is all about?

Where art thou?

Been a little bit AFK as of late. Life got in the way and then I just lost my creativity for a little while. Got a ton of things that I wont to blog about while I have been away. I’m not going to stuff them into one long word heavy wall of text, instead I’ll try and post a couple of blogs a day again. I need to try and use this more as a diary and ramble about life as well as just games…although games pretty much take up my entire life.

Recently I have been playing a wealth of different titles from Peggle to Call of Duty 5. So many good games to play but not enough money to buy them all. Grrr.

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