Are you an Active Skater?

Got this lovely little achievement earlier today, well I did not get it first try. There’s a little glitch with this achievement if you have downloaded any of the new content from the marketplace. When I completed the last challenge there was no little exciting bleep bloop from my TV. Luckily my partner in Skate related crime had been through the same thing, all you have to do is delete the content off your HD then reboot the game and compete one challenge and you should be greeted with 20 hard, yet enjoyably earned gamer points. I can honestly say that this has been one of my favourite achievements on the Xbox so far. I only have 40 more points to get on Skate 2 to get the full 1250, I’m not sure if i’m going to get them though, I hate S.K.A.T.E challenges.

Oh almost forgot to say, Bungie have announced the marketplace release date of the Mythic maps, 9th of April is the glory day for all you excited little people.

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