Peasants Quest

Spent a few hours playing around on this morning. Had a large chuckle on the text adventure games and the StrongLibs before coming across the fun little puzzler that is Peasants Quest, I know im like 4 years late on finding this but I dont care. You play a peasant called “Rather Dashing” who is off to seek revenge on the dragon thing called Trogdor who burned your cottage to the ground. Much hilarity ensues as you need to become more of a peasant to gain entry to the Dragons lair. You have to find a way to smell and look like a peasant as well as catch fire…interesting. Theres some great references to old games and movies hidden away in here including a nice little zelda animation. See if you can spot it for yourself when you play the game.

Simple game in principle but you need to stretch your brain muscles to get around some of the puzlles. For every complication there is an amusing little way around it. I had a good laugh throwing the baby around.

I did get stuck on one occasion but I used this handy little guide to help me past it. If you have not played this then off you go and get stuck in.

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