Trade in Tribulations

Thinking of trading in a couple of games for Call of Duty World at War. I’m definitely trading in Halo Wars which breaks my only trade if completed code but I have really struggled to get into the game, I’m not a huge RTS fan but I did play alot of Red Alert in my youth as well as Age of Empires and even a little of Rome Total War. Its a good game but its just not a great RTS, its too simple. Does that make sense? The interface is good but there’s just not enough buttons to facilitate what I want to do, I cant create armies or split my troops into small manageable units, I’m left with sending a massive chunk of troops around chasing objectives and enemies, its like watching little kids playing football. Its also too hectic, you never have time to breathe and build as the enemy keeps getting thrown at you wave after wave. I like the patience to build up and set up defenses but you cant really do that in this game. Its like they have made an RTS for the FPS fans, too much action not enough strategy.

Maybe I just don’t like console RTS’s, now that I think about it I have owned a few and traded them in without finishing them, all my favourites are on the old PC. I think I’m just going to blacklist RTS’s on the Xbox from now on. I probably would not have bought it if the Mythic map pack was not included.

So Game said they would give me 25 quid for it which is quite good for Game, shame I have to give my ODST drinks coaster away 😦

I love all the freebies you get with limited edition games so it is a little bit of a pain to trade but needs must.

The other game I’m going to trade is Fable 2 which I also am having pangs of doubt about. Since listening to the Hi-score podcast today and hearing about the interesting new DLC which is planned I’m slowly coming round to not trading it. Props have to go out to 8bitjoystick as well for trying to convince Lionhead to give me some free DLC, Yeah, it might happen and monkeys might fly out of my butt! (cookie to whoever spots the reference). But if I dont trade these games then I do not get COD5 which looks really good. Played the co op story on split screen with a friend and really enjoyed it but I want to play it on SP and experience it for myself with the added missions. I think I would have bought this game if the Multiplayer beta was not so disappointing. Alot of people who shared my hatred have said that the MP is much better than the beta suggested. Is it?

So its a bit of a 50 50 the now on whether or not I’m going to trade but check back tomorrow and you’ll find out. I might give it one more week to decide…hmmm.


3 thoughts on “Trade in Tribulations

  1. In my opinion I would get shot of Halo wars and keep fable 2, with the DLC coming out and for only 460MSP it’s worth keeping just for that.

    COD:W@W is fantastic, Great single player + Zombie mode + Really good Multi player= Awesome game!!
    I played the W@W Beta and wasn’t impressed, but got the game for the SP, After trying the MP out I got into it and it’s fun. I’ll admit the most fun can be had with friends, but that can be said for a lot of games 🙂

  2. I would trade a kidney for COD WAW I love it so much, I much preferred it to COD 4. Great blog by the way. Daz (Frugal Gaming)

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