Geekdom part 1

Thought I’d show off some of my geeky horde. If I had more money I would have a hell of a lot more figures. My girlfriend has a few cool figures that I’ll try and get her to show off in her blog. If she does not do it then I will because her Labyrinth figures and Enid (from the film Ghost World) doll are fucking awesome.

The Xbox Generation, I got the Bioshock Big Daddy with the Lmtd. Edition version of the game. I honestly cant describe how awesome the Gears of War figurines are, they have so much detail, would love to get the rest of them especially the nasty looking Theron Gaurd.

I have a HUGE love of Mario and especially Mario Kart, these little remote controlled karts are great fun, especially for annoying my cat. The Koopa plush is one of my favourite pieces as I pwn with Koopa in Mario Kart on the SNES.

Christmas is awesome when you have an Etsy loving girlfriend. I’ve had a lot of envy over the Mario Ipod case, as well as some very odd looks.

My small collection of Kevin Smith figurines which I’d love to extend one day. I’m really missing the Mallrats! Personal favourite is Willem from Mallrats as he was a very late Christmas present. My girlfriend bought it in time for xmas (don’t moan I’ve already typed it on full twice) but it did not come until March, nice surprise.

My prize pieces are my Shaun of the Dead figurines, I really wish they brought out Zombie Ed, it would complete my collection perfectly. There’s been rumblings about Spaced figures coming out, there was even drawings of them on the net somewhere, I may have to have another night of heavy research to see if their ever going to emerge.

Ill dig out all my gaming t shirts soon and show you them.

Post a comment and tell me what you have.


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