Assassins Creed News!!

New information and a screenshot is now up on nowgamer, found out from NowGamerDan over Twitter, nice bit of gaming news to wake up to. The bit that really got my attention was this;

“The entire game structure and its mission system/story [of Assassin’s Creed] was the most central element for us to improve following the feedback on the game,” he says.

“We want [Assassin’s Creed 2] to be unpredictable and full of epic moments that will immerse you into our story featuring our numerous characters and environments. We are redefining the mission gameplay structure to give gamers a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.”

Now I played and loved this game. I remember playing it for 4 hours on Christmas morning and just falling in love with the physics. I’ll be first to admit that the game has many flaws which I do not have to point out but I still found this to be a great game, it was just fun.

It really makes me happy to know that they are working to make Assassins Creed II a more enjoyable experience, if they keep what made the game great fun and bolster that with a really good story then this could be one of my favourite games.


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