Think your good at Halo?

I did until I watched this…

MLG pro Neighbor gets a 19 kill perfection in a game of MLG team slayer on Narrows. Doing this against average players would be impressive but when you factor the levels he is playing against its even more special. I have watched alot of pro gameplays but this one was very special. His sniping was just ridiculous in this game, so many times he got a headshot that you could not even spot. Watching pro gameplays makes me want to play more and more Halo, I have learned so much from watching MLG tournaments and Pro gameplays on youtube.

The best thing I learned was NEVER CHASE, if your BRing someone and he gets away then let him go, its not worth running around a blind corner for one measly kill. So many times I have killed people who chase me by throwing a well placed grenade or leading them into my teammates.

On the same topic of “Thinking your good” Bungie are presenting you with a chance to prove it. On the 7th of July, Bungie day, you get a chance to win Recon by playing against the creators in a 4 vs 4 playlist. If your team beats the Bungie team then you win Recon. Could be simple, could be really hard, it all depends on who you get teamed with and against.

In other Halo related news the great Nathan Fillion got invited to Bungie studios to play ODST and get a peek at Reach. I’m jealous of him for playing it and Bungie staff for getting to meet him. Read and see more here.

Oh and check this picture out, jealous much?

Nathan Fillion sniping...


NEW New San Van

Ea and Blackbox are going to be gracing us with even more Skate 2 DLC. It was announced today by Hippyjump over Twitter.

Skate 2 fans – a bit of that announcement I mentioned yesterday. YES, there will be more DLC coming! I’ll unveil the details shortly! #EA

What do you make of “a bit of that announcement…”

Is there more than DLC being announced? I thought he would be tweeting more about tonight but alas not.

@PurpleSteve I can’t give any more details today, sorry. But soon! You can rest your finger for now.

So, what could it be? A brand new addition? More from the old San Van? Who knows. Personally I hope it will be a chunk of the old city, I would love to skate the art gallery again. It would be easy for them to remake the Plan B park or the old San Van Stadium.

A brand new area would be amazing. Imagine if they have added a part of a real city to skate with a new story. I would love to skate real locations and recreate some classic skate video moments, I’m sure the community would love this.

What do you think they could add?

Updates will be added as soon as HippyJump spills the beans!

Assassins Creed 2 Pre Release bonus

If you pre oder Assassins Creed 2 from Gamestop you get your very own palace to explore and loot. The palace is based on a real place and is hinted to have great treasures hidden in its depths. I’m from the UK but usually pre order deals at gamestop carry across to Game in the UK, hopefully this one will follow suit.

Assassins creed palace

I’m the perfect market for this as I love exclusive add ons. Whats your opinion on the matter? Should games do this?

Mass Effect DLC

Started playing Mass Effect again last week with the peeps from Lo-Score as part of their Retro Rewind project.  I sadly got distracted by Godfather 2 which I raved about the other day.  I just polished off the last few achievements and managed to get the full 1000 gamerscore off of it, which is a rare thing for me.  I’m going to take this opportunity to advise you to play this game as it really is rather good.  Sure it has its flaws but i just found it so gad damned addictive.

As I was saying I started playing Mass Effect again and was really enjoying it, enough to consider buying the DLC pack that came out a long long time ago.  I remember my friend giving it good reviews when  it first graced the scene.  I’m pretty bad for not buying DLC packs, not because im a moaner about the prices just because I’m skint most of the time.  Going to remedy this and buy a large pack of points next month and catch up on some missed gems like Castle Crashers and Lost and the Damned.

With this in mind I was quite happy to read the news of new Mass Effect DLC on CVG this morning.  It reads as follows

“News on Mass Effect’s next DLC add-on could arrive this week, if BioWare’ latest Twitter update is to be believed.

“Getting the feeling some news about the next ME1 DLC may be coming this week. Keep your eyes peeled,” says the developer.

The tweet comes after internet handbag-waving over the accidental posting of Mass Effect’s Xbox Live Games on Demand game page.

The page – which was only online for a moment – talked of the ability to “download new systems and worlds to visit,” “meet new characters and encounter never before seen alien species,” plus “new weapons, armour and items as you experience a whole new adventure”.

If the Games On Demand page is indeed talking about the new DLC pack, expect it to be online by August – which is when Mass Effect hits the service.”

Sounds good doesn’t it?  A very good move by BioWare to pique peoples intrest in the game before the much awaited sequel is out.  Looks like I might have to spend even more money on Microsoft points now.

Over Compensating?

I was browsing when I came across this crazy little image.

HUGE halo screen

Its one of the huge screens over at the Cowboys stadium in Texas. I presume it was some employees who set this up and not some enterprising halo fans who broke in, although that would be amazing. The screen is 160 feet by 72 feet wide…I cant even imagine trying to play on that screen, I had enough trouble playing on a friends 50 inch plasma.

Theres more images of them playing the likes of GOW and COD over here.


Get off your butt…

…and get started!

Thanks to Graham Linehan I found this amazing piece of inspiring audio. Its a speech by Merlin Mann where he talks about doing creative work.

I completely agree with what he says about fear being the thing that holds you back from starting something creative. I have started so many things but finished none and a large part of that is the fear of not being good enough. I need to address the fact that I’m going to suck for a good while until I learn the basics and get better. Its strange how I can use this attitude when playing games, I know I’m going to suck at a new game but eventually I’m going to get good. Same with sports, cooking, generally anything in life. But why cant I face this when I’m trying to do something creative, something I really want to do?

Very insightful, very funny and very inspiring. Give it a listen below.

The Sound of Young America