Get off your butt…

…and get started!

Thanks to Graham Linehan I found this amazing piece of inspiring audio. Its a speech by Merlin Mann where he talks about doing creative work.

I completely agree with what he says about fear being the thing that holds you back from starting something creative. I have started so many things but finished none and a large part of that is the fear of not being good enough. I need to address the fact that I’m going to suck for a good while until I learn the basics and get better. Its strange how I can use this attitude when playing games, I know I’m going to suck at a new game but eventually I’m going to get good. Same with sports, cooking, generally anything in life. But why cant I face this when I’m trying to do something creative, something I really want to do?

Very insightful, very funny and very inspiring. Give it a listen below.

The Sound of Young America


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