Assassins Creed 2 Pre Release bonus

If you pre oder Assassins Creed 2 from Gamestop you get your very own palace to explore and loot. The palace is based on a real place and is hinted to have great treasures hidden in its depths. I’m from the UK but usually pre order deals at gamestop carry across to Game in the UK, hopefully this one will follow suit.

Assassins creed palace

I’m the perfect market for this as I love exclusive add ons. Whats your opinion on the matter? Should games do this?

2 thoughts on “Assassins Creed 2 Pre Release bonus

  1. Nope, games shouldn’t do this; the exclusivity is questionable most of the time anyway. For example, Bungie has made Sgt Johnson playable with selected preorders for Halo ODST, yet almost everywhere I’ve seen taking preorders includes this “bonus.” So I have to wonder: what’s the point? It just seems meaningless.

    “Restricted” is a better word than “exclusive,” in my opinion. Even more so when developers/publishers are limiting content to those prepared to pay above the odds for it – it smacks of shameless coprorate money-grabbing. Perhaps the most bare-faced example of this was EA’s Skate 2 package. I love Skate 2; it’s been one of my best purchases this year. However, when the editing suite to record and make clips was released on day one for 800 MS points of DLC, that has to be nothing other than a cycnical ploy to get more money. Even if it wasn’t completely ready to ship with the game, EA should have released it as an out-of-the-box patch.

    That’s my two pence.

    • Wow, a larger more eloquent reply than i expected my good sir. I agree with you on skate 2, even though I bought it, but what else do you expect from EA? There money grabbing bastards…jk, I love you for Skate 2!

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