NEW New San Van

Ea and Blackbox are going to be gracing us with even more Skate 2 DLC. It was announced today by Hippyjump over Twitter.

Skate 2 fans – a bit of that announcement I mentioned yesterday. YES, there will be more DLC coming! I’ll unveil the details shortly! #EA

What do you make of “a bit of that announcement…”

Is there more than DLC being announced? I thought he would be tweeting more about tonight but alas not.

@PurpleSteve I can’t give any more details today, sorry. But soon! You can rest your finger for now.

So, what could it be? A brand new addition? More from the old San Van? Who knows. Personally I hope it will be a chunk of the old city, I would love to skate the art gallery again. It would be easy for them to remake the Plan B park or the old San Van Stadium.

A brand new area would be amazing. Imagine if they have added a part of a real city to skate with a new story. I would love to skate real locations and recreate some classic skate video moments, I’m sure the community would love this.

What do you think they could add?

Updates will be added as soon as HippyJump spills the beans!


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