Think your good at Halo?

I did until I watched this…

MLG pro Neighbor gets a 19 kill perfection in a game of MLG team slayer on Narrows. Doing this against average players would be impressive but when you factor the levels he is playing against its even more special. I have watched alot of pro gameplays but this one was very special. His sniping was just ridiculous in this game, so many times he got a headshot that you could not even spot. Watching pro gameplays makes me want to play more and more Halo, I have learned so much from watching MLG tournaments and Pro gameplays on youtube.

The best thing I learned was NEVER CHASE, if your BRing someone and he gets away then let him go, its not worth running around a blind corner for one measly kill. So many times I have killed people who chase me by throwing a well placed grenade or leading them into my teammates.

On the same topic of “Thinking your good” Bungie are presenting you with a chance to prove it. On the 7th of July, Bungie day, you get a chance to win Recon by playing against the creators in a 4 vs 4 playlist. If your team beats the Bungie team then you win Recon. Could be simple, could be really hard, it all depends on who you get teamed with and against.

In other Halo related news the great Nathan Fillion got invited to Bungie studios to play ODST and get a peek at Reach. I’m jealous of him for playing it and Bungie staff for getting to meet him. Read and see more here.

Oh and check this picture out, jealous much?

Nathan Fillion sniping...


2 thoughts on “Think your good at Halo?

  1. I am really good at Halo. It’s just that everyone else is just as good 😛

    Not sure how that Bungie playlist is going work on 7/7. I thought it would be a throwdown only against Bungie employees (please don’t make me play lukems and shishka), but other Haloheads I’ve spoken to seem to think it’s just that it’ll be a general playlist with Bungie peeps in the mix. You’ll just have to hope that you get to play them. Well, I guess we’ll find out in 8 days!

    I like the fact it’ll only be community maps, too. Nice idea to mix it up a bit.

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