Teach me…

MLG Pro Neighbour shows once agian why he is considered the best in the business. Watch him show you how to use a sniper rifle when he goes 11 and 0 in just under 3 minutes.

Sorry for video quality, best I could find.


Onwards and Upwards

Im now going to be writing over at Hi-Score. Im pretty sure the guys at Hi-Score dont want me cluttering up their site with every bit of Halo news so I’ll still be updating here reguarly. All my major news articles, reviews and such will be posted there. If for some reason you have not checked their site out then why are you still reading this, get over there you fools.

ODST Musings

OXM released 17 new screenshots the other day, you can view the screens here, how helpful am I!


This image intrests me as the Rampage medal is now awarded for 40 kills rather than 20. Makes perfect sense when you think about the sheer amount of enemies coming your way. A rampage should be somewhat akin to getting a killing frenzy in multiplayer. I wonder what other medals they have included or tweaked. You can see from the screen that killing spree is gone as it shows the frenzy and the rampage.

Then there is the two unknown medals, or are they only unknown to me? I wonder what the pink and grey medal is for. My first thought was needler but then I remembered that ODST’s cant carry covenant weapons. And then there is the orange and green medal which could be something to do with the fuel rod gun? Im basing this theory purely on matching colours so dont be quoting me here. I put alot of work into these theories…


The images down the right seem to represent the different skulls in play. The circle around them might be showing the time they have left in play. Im loving the idea of the skulls, should keep the play really fresh. I was recently chatting to a friend of mine about medals and voiceover appearing on firefight. No one can deny the great feeling when you hear the guy (what else do i call him) shout out “double kill” “triple kill” and such. imagine this in horde, its going to make it so fun if its added. It looks like they have tweaked the medals as there seems to be a stick medal and an unkown appearing in the middle of the screen next to the kill. Nice to see they have kept the look of the Halo MP/metagame

If you have any alternate thoughts on the screens or musings about the game then please comment and I’ll include them in the post. I noticed the ODST carrying the turret so dont post that!


The pink medal is needler kill, ODST’s can use covenant weapons.  I read “ODST’s cannot used covenant equipment” and presumed that meant weapons, my bad.  Means I can noob it up on the needler again.

The skulls are not timed, the circles are purely for the look, and they look fine!

Keep an eye on the comments below for more people proving me wrong.


Microsoft announced 7 (nice number) new anime shorts based in the Halo universe. Each one will be made by a different company. These names seem to be well known but they meen nothing to me as im not a huge anime fan. I watch the odd one that come my way but its not something I put a lot of time and money into. The trailer however, looks very very nice.

You should check out this article from CVG as well for more in depth info. Besides this nice little nugget Microsoft also announced the launch of Halo Waypoint, a new feature on your dashboard that will hold all your Halo news and videos. Could be a pretty sweet little feature but will it rival Bungie.net? I get everything I want and more from their RSS feed and Friday updates, thanks Urk.

If this was not exciting enough there has also been new videos and info about Left 4 Dead 2 which is being shown at ComiCon this week. I for one am really looking forward to getting stuck into some new zombie killing co op fun. I just got L4D a few moths ago but have played it so much already, its like nothing else out there. Valve have shown a new level called Swamp Fever but the thing that has me really interested, well shit scared might be the better term, is the new special infected.


This pretty little lady is called a Spitter, I dont really know what she does yet as I cant seem to find any video footage but I know she is able to split up Survivors or flush them out of their hiding spots. Valve seem to be doing a lot of work to stop people camping back against the hordes. This should make for more intense run and gun like levels, fun!

Hopefully there will be more videos and photos coming our way this week, cant wait to see the spitter in action.


Remember my ramblings about PC troubles a few weeks ago? Well my brave old beast coughed its final breaths and died after a long and illustrious life. This left me in a slight panic as I had no money to buy a new PC and was planning to hijack my girlfriends laptop to try and update as much as possible.

But then an angel appeared in the form of a loving family member who graced me with a brand new PC and a 19″ flatscreen monitor. I feel like I have stepped out of the darkness and into the glaring sunlight with this new shiny PC. To say my old PC was slow would be the biggest understatement of the year, it was so slow that I could not use half of the features I wanted to.

Now I need to catch up on the gaming news I have missed over the last week. So many shiny new things to blog about.

Malouf Review coming soon…

I’ve been mulling out a review of the new Malouf Money cup Skate 2 DLC since it came out. I did not want to post a review with words and the odd screen shot I actually want to post a video showing you what you can skate. Rather than just “borrow” one off of youtube I wanted to make my own. I know you can download clips off of the Skate 2 website but without a decent editing software there is no point in uploading them.

So while I have been chasing down some editing software I have been practicing my filming. I thought I was getting good until I saw this tutorial on youtube.

This is what I have been trying to achieve for ages but have been going about it the wrong way. I’m going to have to recapture a lot of my favorite lines with this method as it looks so much smoother. I reckon I could have the video up by the weekend if I can avoid the distractions of Halo and L4D.

The DLC is very good by the way, hows that for a quick review?

Leaked Halo Reach Animation Reel

First things first, no I did not get to play Bungie. Sad face, I know, but I had good fun playing the playlist and thats what its all about. I also got my extermination achievement on one of the Sandbox variants. It was not a pretty one, 4 kills with the turret but I did take down there hog, chopper and the last guy grabbing camo so there!

I was just catching up on my Twitter updates this morining when I found this link from Gamertag Radio. Its an animation reel from an animator who worked or is working on Halo Reach. It shows a soldier taking down a jackal in style and right at the end a nice death animation. Hope the video is still up when your reading this.