Sunshine and Musings

Sorry I have not updated in a few days, another heatwave has hit my little land again. What we class as a heatwave is probably an average summer for most. The heat is kind of sapping my motivation as well as cutting my PC’s power. My flat is very very warm as we cant fully open both the windows due to an active little cat that would love to stress me out by jumping out the window. Couple this with a green house like living room and a hell of alot of electronics you have a very sweaty mix.

I’ve been whiling away my very hot hours playing my newly acquired XBLA purchase, CASTLE CRASHERS!

castle crashers

I have wanted to download this game for freaking ages but I’m always reluctant to cough up 1200 points. I decided to bite the bullet as a few friends including Defmash and Strybe over at Hi-Score had picked this up recently. I’ve been having great bloody fun playing co op with some friends, a really fun game with so much scope for customization. I wont go into the details as I’m sure everyone reading this, all 4 of you, will have or know the game. I just wanted to confess my newly found love of this game. For anyone interested my current character is a level 22 Orange knight, hit me up if you want some games.


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