Marketplace Madness

I added a couple of 1000 Microsoft points to my account on Monday to pick up Castle Crashers. This has rekindled my love for the old XBLA.  I used to download games every week, some of my best Live memories were spent on Marble Blast and Uno as well as fighting my way up the leaderboards on Frogger and Digdug.

But recently my only purchase has been Peggle, which was a must buy, the only other title I plan to pick up is braid. Apart from these two very little has piqued my interest.  Its not even the price that scares me off its the replay value.  Thats what XBLA is all about, I want a game that I can go back to again and again, whether it be multiplayer or single player.

In the past week two games came out that I’m going to pick up in the near future. Rocket Riot and Worms 2 Armageddon. I’ve downloaded the demos and there both great fun but the real joy is got to be found in the multiplayer. I know Worms is going to be as amazing as every other incarnation. You cant really go wrong with worms especially with added weapons, levels, skins and game modes. Just look at the screenshots.

worms ss1

worms ss2

I liked the demo of Rocket Riot but what made me want it even more was the review from Hi-score. You cant beat a good multiplayer arcade game to break up the large bouts of pwning noobs (read:getting beat) on Halo.

Even though I have raved about these games I’m not even buying them this week. My points are getting saved to buy Battlefield 1943. I think 90 % of the Live community has been waiting for this game to come out. Can you blame them when you see videos like this…its an arcade game!?

Major Nelson announced that the game is going to be out on Wednesday July the 8th. I’m going to be picking this up as soon as it comes out. This is going to make for such a busy gaming week, what with Bungie day on the 7th then the new Skate 2 DLC on the 9th…oh and did i mention my birthday and local town gala is on the 11th. Its going to be a good week people, lots of gaming and lots of socializing!

The new Skate 2 DLC was announced and its going to be Malouf Money park. This is a real park and competition that takes place in the states. The DLC is a bargain at only 240 MP and 250 gamer points up for grabs. As you can see from the screenshots below the park has a nice little street section with a ridiculous half pipe at the back. The half pipe looks great fun to skate with the grind gaps and the hips and curves on the wall. I’m really really excited about this and even more excited about a little rumor that’s emerged about Skate 3. Have a read here.


malouf ramp

I think I’ve waffled on too much today, hope its not too much to take in.


2 thoughts on “Marketplace Madness

  1. I too have been loving XBLA a lot lately and will def be getting Battlefield. Also keep an eye out for Trials HD. I’m not sure when it’s out but it looks brilliant fun and you can design your own courses 🙂

    • Ooh I think im going to have to hit up youtube to check that out. I’m glad there’s alot of games out but its going to be sore on my wallet.

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