Malouf Review coming soon…

I’ve been mulling out a review of the new Malouf Money cup Skate 2 DLC since it came out. I did not want to post a review with words and the odd screen shot I actually want to post a video showing you what you can skate. Rather than just “borrow” one off of youtube I wanted to make my own. I know you can download clips off of the Skate 2 website but without a decent editing software there is no point in uploading them.

So while I have been chasing down some editing software I have been practicing my filming. I thought I was getting good until I saw this tutorial on youtube.

This is what I have been trying to achieve for ages but have been going about it the wrong way. I’m going to have to recapture a lot of my favorite lines with this method as it looks so much smoother. I reckon I could have the video up by the weekend if I can avoid the distractions of Halo and L4D.

The DLC is very good by the way, hows that for a quick review?


4 thoughts on “Malouf Review coming soon…

    • Its a DVD install and my shockingly old PC does not have a DVD drive. I’ve almost got my hand on a copy of Sony Vegas though.

  1. If you’re computer’s that old, you’ll be lucky to get Vegas to work for you… :-O It’s fairly intensive on the old processing/RAM malarkey.

    • Hmmm You do bring up a good point. But Im going to go down fighting, at worst Ill just uninstall and defrag the beast, try and rekindle some of its youthful spunk.

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