Microsoft announced 7 (nice number) new anime shorts based in the Halo universe. Each one will be made by a different company. These names seem to be well known but they meen nothing to me as im not a huge anime fan. I watch the odd one that come my way but its not something I put a lot of time and money into. The trailer however, looks very very nice.

You should check out this article from CVG as well for more in depth info. Besides this nice little nugget Microsoft also announced the launch of Halo Waypoint, a new feature on your dashboard that will hold all your Halo news and videos. Could be a pretty sweet little feature but will it rival Bungie.net? I get everything I want and more from their RSS feed and Friday updates, thanks Urk.

If this was not exciting enough there has also been new videos and info about Left 4 Dead 2 which is being shown at ComiCon this week. I for one am really looking forward to getting stuck into some new zombie killing co op fun. I just got L4D a few moths ago but have played it so much already, its like nothing else out there. Valve have shown a new level called Swamp Fever but the thing that has me really interested, well shit scared might be the better term, is the new special infected.


This pretty little lady is called a Spitter, I dont really know what she does yet as I cant seem to find any video footage but I know she is able to split up Survivors or flush them out of their hiding spots. Valve seem to be doing a lot of work to stop people camping back against the hordes. This should make for more intense run and gun like levels, fun!

Hopefully there will be more videos and photos coming our way this week, cant wait to see the spitter in action.


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