Busy, busy, busy…

I know I have not been updating this site, which annoys me, but I have been very busy elsewhere writing for a variety of others. Mostly reviews for Ve3tro, videogameUK and Hi-Score (even the odd article). Somehow I seem to have landed on my feet and have been lucky enough to get a lot of work. Thanks to everyone that gave me the opportunities.

A quick list of the work I have been doing –


Tales of Monkey Island : The Siege of Spinner Cay Review
Tales of Monkey Island: Lair of the Leviathan
Tales of Monkey Island: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood
Trials HD Review
The Warriors Street Brawl Review (Ugh)
Risen (PC) Review
Throwback Friday: Red Faction
1vs100, My Story
Left 4 Dead 2 – Shambling Ramblings
Top Ten Cinematic Scenes…With a Twist


FIFA 10, Hands on Demo Impressions
PES 2010, Hands on Demo Impressions
FIFA 10 Review
Tropico 3 Review
Sam and Max, beyond Time and Space Review


Military Madness Nectaris Review
Madden NFL 10 Review
Trine(PC) Review
PES 2010 Review

And finally a small piece that I wrote for Console Monster on the L4D2 demo (which I won from them).

Now that “linkathon” is out the way I have one more piece of news. I was offered a writing job at Nidzumi last night and I of course said yes. From now on I will try and update in small doses rather than leaving it for a few weeks and dumping this on you. Need to start writing here more often anyway as I have so many random thoughts and ramblings on gaming that are probably too nonsensical for anywhere else.