30. Footy Ramblings

I don’t want people to label me as some sort of ‘glory hunter’, but I only started properly supporting Liverpool about 5 years ago. If I tell people this then I normally get sneered at. I’ve always had asoft spot for them, even owning one of their shirts when I was a kid, but I was always a Rangers fan.

I still am a Rangers fan, kind of. I just got tired of the SPL and Scottish football fans. What I mean by that is the stupid arguing and bullshit you get in pubs. Especially old firm games. It’s ridiculous. If you watch one of your players almost break someone’s leg, I mean a really obvious attempt, then blame the ref and say the other player is diving, then something is wrong. I have been guilty of it but only until I see the replay. I like to watch football, enjoy it, but not fight about it. It’s fucking stupid.

This has transitioned into the Premier League as well, with people taking the piss and arguing with me. I just don’t care if you’re a Man United fan. Good for you. Don’t like your team but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you. Well, now I don’t, because you are a twat.

Anyway, moaning aside. This season I have found myself in an interesting predicament. Being a relatively new fan of the Premier League I like a lot of teams and a lot of players. This was fine when Liverpool were coasting in the top four. But now their fighting for the fourth spot I want teams that I quite like to lose. Lose badly. Especially today, I want Pompy to beat City, and I like City.

It’s a new experience for me, and I am enjoying it. Well enjoying it is the wrong word as it has been a shit season so far, but it is a tense one.

Oh, is that the time? Better get comfy, the games on in 10.


29. Barclaycard?

Everyone remember the Barclaycard advert, the one with the water slide? You know, where the curly-haired guy shoots home from the office, stopping to use his card in the supermarket. This one.

I loved that advert because it made me feel good. It made me smile. Didn’t make me get a Barclaycard but hey, you can’t always win.  So imagine my pleasant surprise when I came across their new advert this morning. They take your water slide and treble it to a bloody rollercoaster, check it out.

It’s awesome, isn’t it? An advert that is all about fun, only dropping the item in the middle and a little at the end. In fact, if you took the whole Barclaycard thing out you would have yourself a brilliant little video. Shit advert though.


28. Mass Effected

Have you ever played a game that has left you utterly drained, lying on the floor, craving for more? That’s the exact state Mass Effect 2 has me in. I had planned to get a couple of articles done today but I just keep staring at the blank screen and thinking about Shepard.

I’m not going to go into huge detail because there will be a review coming next week, but let me just say this, it’s fucking brilliant. So far.

I would be playing it now if it was not for the other-half hijacking the pad to play 1 versus a bloody hundred. I think for the sake of my sanity, and my work, I should just do nothing all weekend but play ME2. Hopefully then I’ll be able to focus.

27. mumble, mumble, mumb…BANG! BANG!! BANG!!!

Any excuse to use this image...

Why do certain films have such terrible audio? Quiet, mumbled talking then suddenly MUSIC! Making you scramble across the floor to grab the remote, popcorn spraying the TV, beer getting kicked over, and the cat scrambling to find a dark corner. Then when you get your hands on the remote, silence, the audio returns to normal, conversations resume, cat starts eating popcorn.

Why am I ranting about this? Because it fucking annoys me. Especially thanks to my downstairs neighbour, who, although nicer these days, has turned me into a noise-Nazi due to his incessant banging on the roof.

The most recent perpetrator was Public Enemies. The muted conversations forced me to turn the volume up to fifty-two, yes fifty-fucking-two. Not a respectable audio for talking. I can deal with this, but when the sudden burst of a tommy gun  shatters my eardrums, then I get even more pissed off than my neighbours.

Why can’t they, the film making people, sort it out? Levelling the volume to a respectable level, higher for talking, lower for splosions. Or at least install a ‘grumpy cunt neighbour’ audio option? Problem solved.

26. Adventureland (another late one)

The Blu-ray marathon continued with Public Enemies and Adventureland, sadly missing out on Terminator Salvation as the disc just would not play. Thanks, Blockbuster. Public Enemies is very good, and stunning on Blu-ray of course, but the real treat was Adventureland.

It’s a refreshing feeling to watch a film that I know relatively nothing about. I don’t watch a lot of the blockbusters when they come out because I don’t like to be taken up by the hype. I prefer to wait until a few months afterwards when the media are harping on about the next big thing.

I know Bill Hader and Ryan Reynolds, both of which I’m fans of, but the majority of the cast were new to me. I now know that Em is played by the Twilight girl (shudders) and have only just realised that the lead character is played by Jessie Eisenberg from Zombieland. Which annoyed me throughout the entire film – thank you imdb, I love you.

I’m not going to bore you with the story as I’m far too lazy, here’s the link. What I loved about the film was its honesty. It portrayed the awkwardness of love and sex brilliantly by creating realised characters, that I have now completely fallen for. It is similar in style to the likes of Juno and Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, but I for one commend this style. I want more films like this. More to add to the likes of Ghost World, Thumbsucker and Garden State. More honest, quirky films. I demand it!

Actually, while your here, can you recommend me any films like the ones listed above? I know of more and probably own some but like I said, I’m lazy, and it’s 02:06 AM. Hopefully life will get back to some form of regularity tomorrow.

25. Blah, blah, blah

Jeez, it’s really hard doing this one a day lark when you have a friend over. I’m afraid this is going to be a diary post as well, as I’ve just not had the time to sit down and work.

Today we went to McDonalds (YAY!) and although horrible for me, it tasted absolutely amazing. If that was not bad enough we ended up having a couple of home made cheese burgers for tea, so that equalled three in one day. Shocking.

We did watch Star Trek on blu-ray which was great. The story did have its plot holes but the merits thoroughly outweighed the flaws. Spiderman 3 on the other hand, did not fare so well; it felt like a parody of itself, so many ridiculous scenes and an awful story. It did look pretty though, not enough to salvage it, mind.

We rented another 3 films to watch – Adventureland, Public Enemies and Terminator Salvation, all on blu-ray – so that’s most of tomorrow taken up.

I am really loving the privelege of playing/watching on a HD tv, it is going to be hard to go back to my old standard TV.

Anyway, its 3:30, I’m tired, your tired, time for bed. Bye.

24. The One Where I Stereotype Scottish People

Aren’t hangovers shit? I mean really, really shit.

I have just about shaken mine off after last nights shenanigans. I seem to follow a ritual now, which is a sign that I may have them too often, but when that ritual gets broken then I suffer. The one never-fail-cure, is this..

..pie and some irn-bru! Lovely.

Today was rough though, going to bed a couple of hours later than I planned, still 4 hours earlier than Damian, who stayed up chatting to my girlfriend until 8am. I think I would have been fine if it was not for the fore mentioned Damo, constantly topping up my vodka and coke with more and more vodka. I didn’t even notice and drank it regardless, going from cheery drunk to where-is-my-bed-you-fucks drunk. Then getting woken up at 10 am by the bin men, resulting in me lying on the couch for most of the day.

But here I am, felt fine all night and even had a haggis and chips for my tea – is this getting a little stereotypical? The one thing that did suffer is creativity. I’ve had this window open since 11am and only now, three minutes off a full twelve hours since I started, am I getting round to finishing it.

But hey, I did see Wall-E for the first time and I thought it was bloody good. Amazing animation, great characters, and most surprisingly, a good story. I did not expect that. Perfect hangover film.

Tomorrow brings blu-ray day! And possibly a McDonalds breakfast! And an improved #oneaday!