Thanks 2009, it’s been a blast…

Well 2009 was an interesting year. It started out like the last 3, with no real signs of any notable change, but as it went on things started to improve. By the time Christmas came around I can honestly say I am the happiest I have been in years. The first and most important person to thank is my girlfriend, we’ve been through some difficult years but it looks like were coming out the other side. Well done you.

I can’t leave all the congratulations with her though, as much as she would love it, as I have made a great many friends this year who have helped me in this industry we call games journalism. I started my own blog back in the early months of ’09 with no real goals apart from getting back into writing. Around this time my friend Daniel Lipscombe/Strybe was making waves with a website called Hi-Score, and he kindly invited me to write there. I found this to be a daunting prospect. Seriously nerve-wracking. Why? I had not wrote anything extensive since school, and even then it was not my best subject. To be brutally honest I had to relearn some basic grammar. I mean really fucking basic. I persevered through the months of doubt (they have not ended) by employing rigorous proof reads and the editorial skills of the missus.

Another noticeable person who has given me lots of tips and support is Mr Sam Giddings/@SamdyBrown/Billy Goodgun. His extensive knowledge of the English language and it’s many little nuances have bolstered my confidence and given me what I hope is a capable foundation to build upon. I still have a long way to go until I can write with complete confidence but I have improved so much in the last 8 months and can only continue to do so.

Through Dan’s invitation to work for Hi-Score I have been lucky enough to pick up a lot of freelance work for a variety of sites. This was even scarier. Lots of kind words from Reece Heywood and Dillon Andrews helped me over at A standup chap with a great beard, and a fellow Scotsman to boot, Russel Maher at VideogamerUk has continued to show faith in me and given me a hell of a lot of work which will hopefully continue throughout the year.  I have also started to work for Nidzumi, so thank you to Sam Morris and his brilliant taste in music.

A few more great people include One a Day’s very own Jennifer Allen, one of the hardest workers I have seen, hope 2010 brings you better luck. Mr NeilMc74, a friend for a few years and founder of ElectroCandy. Neil has been nice enough to let me throw some (hopefully) weekly words at him about all things music. Thank to everyone on Twitter who has read, commented, or even sneered at one of my reviews. I hope that 2010 can continue the improvement that ’09 ended with.

Oy, oy, you lucky people!


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