Horde Mode (no guns involved)

Why do we horde things? I ask this because no matter how many “spring cleans” we do, there always seems to be piles of stuff everywhere. I admire these people who can live minimalist lifestyles, they’re either very strong willed or owners of massive closets. I’ve been trying to condense our clutter down so our living room looks more like its namesake than an art studio/office hybrid. It has been slowly downscaled from around 3 or 4 large shelf units to one, not including a desk that is now stranded in the hall until someone can help me destroy it. In doing this, the spare bedroom has become a dumping ground for boxes of books and other geeky nonsense. Trying to clean that room is like playing one of them sliding block puzzles.


No matter what I condense, or sort out (I use this term very loosely), there never seems to be any progress. Eventually I end up cramming everything into black bags and boxes, and stacking them into the corners of the room. Although practical, it’s a bit shit.

But why do I horde things. Why do I need a representation of all the money I’ve wasted over the years? I should add up everything in the box and write the price on the side, that would make me stop buying things. To be fair, the blame lies with Sarah as much as it does me, as we’re both as bad as each other (she’s worse…shhh).

With this in mind my biggest goal in 2010 is to use what little money we have more productively. Whether that be spent on the flat or just improving our quality of life. Hell, I would love to cook more and use fresh ingredients, rather than the ridiculously over-priced slop you get in the supermarket. Even saving the money for a holiday would be nice, abroad or local, I really don’t mind.

Resolutions are something that I never fulfill so I am careful not to use that word. My other ‘goals’ for 2010 is to spend more time writing (hence this blog post), improve my fitness (I used to be fit, honest) and generally keep 2009’s improvements going.

So all the usual ones really. How very boring.


8 thoughts on “Horde Mode (no guns involved)

  1. Cheeky sod!!

    Artists horde!!

    *shakes head*

    Otherwise, a very well written blog post Sir, next time you care to tell your readers about my messy habits, then link my name to my blog :p Fair is fair afterall.

  2. Sorry dear. Please check out her blog if you like your art dark and fantastical, the link is in the sidebar.

    Much love.

  3. Great post – “Why do I need a representation of all the money I’ve wasted over the years?” made me snort tea over my keyboard. But books are not “geeky nonsense,” and it should never be implied that they are. For shame!

    As for mentioning “massive closets” – I’m now wondering what you’re hiding in yours, if it isn’t stuff you don’t need.

  4. When I moved house the other month, everything I owned fit into eight boxes. I’m one of those ‘minimalist’ types who spends more time organising things than actually doing anything of worth. Sometimes I wish I was messy.

    • I think it was meant to be a pun, albeit an accidental one. Let’s just forget about it and move on to DAY 4! WOOHOO!

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