No Time For Offline

First things first. This is a quick opinion piece, I have not thoroughly researched this topic beyond the games I have played. So there, no nasty comments.

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I have played multiplayer games all my life. Even before the incarnation of this thing we call ‘The Net’, I was playing winner-stays-on on PES and busting out mine kills on Goldeneye. For me, multiplayer was the real draw to gaming. Having an older brother who was infinitely better than me (was, ha ha) made me want to improve, just so I could see the look on his face when I beat him.

Even when I was older I played two player death matches on Red Faction and Star Wars Battlefront, infact, I even played single player death matches. I now call them training sessions. I had friends, honest.

My point being, as this current generation moves forward there seems to be less and less time spent on offline multiplayer/guest support. For example, the CoD series  dropped guest play with MW and has not looked back. I used to stay up way too late getting silly drunk with my good friend Matt playing CoD3. Although not a great game, it was made so much better because of this. Even NFS: Shift (which I reviewed today) has no offline multiplayer. It’s a bloody racing game! Jesus.

Hopefully future games will abort this trend and do what the likes of Bungie have done with Halo3 – allowing guest play on unranked games. Thus making Halo the go-to game when I have friends over – as well as sports and rhythm games. I know CoD cannot implement guest play straight into their game thanks to the ranking system, but it would have been nice to have a mode I could play with friends.

I just worry that Bungie will follow suit if they change their ranking system to something similar to CoD (lord forbid). But, ranking systems are something to get into another day, and that will be a BIG post when I do get round to it.

Nt. Anyone know of any good games for playing with guests? Any opinions?

My list – Left4Dead, Left4Dead2, Halo, Rockband/GH etc, FIFA, Madden.

4 thoughts on “No Time For Offline

  1. Another good post – fine work, amigo. The trend is alarming, especially with racing games, but for me the weirdest one was Kane & Lynch. Why build a game on the premise of co-op and then /not/ have an online co-op campaign? Ridiculous.

  2. Yeah that one was really odd. I can’t see why developers would make these mistakes. Is it down to money or rushed release times? Maybe it’s something I’m missing completely. Who knows.

    What I do know is how frustrating it is.

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much about Bungie changing their ways, they are originators of features based around multiplayer not the sheep that copy others and with each and every iteration of their Halo franchise they’ve made it more accessible in more and more modes for many people to play. Sadly they don’t ever seem to get the credit they deserve, which is a shame.

    I too was always someone who would play offline multiplayer, from Goldeneye and Gran Turismo, through the generations, TimeSplitters and Power Stone etc… I didn’t even leave the bedroom as a child, playing with my friend for 3 straight days on Perfect Dark, the only breaks were toilet, dinner and sleep because at any other time you could be playing the game.

    I must say that now offline Multiplayer genuinely doesn’t bother me because all my friends have Xbox360’s, so we just play those online with them at home, or, if they want to come round, they bring their console, plug into another screen here and we either multiplayer or co-op whatever games we have.

    • The blog title may be misleading as I am also complaining about the lack of guest support. I did hammer this article out in a hurry but I would like to go into more detail in the future.

      The friends I play with usually own an Xbox360 so they can recover their tags, but when they end up unexpected then it would be handy to be able to play as guests. MW2 does not even support two people playing split screen on their own accounts. It’s just so stupid.

      As for Bungie, do not get me started on my complete man love for them. Easily my favourite developer out there, largely thanks to the complete love and devotion they continue to put into their multiplayer. I can see a gushing love in post for them coming soon 😉 Did I use ‘love’ too much?

      Enjoying your posts by the way!

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