Today has been a busy day, it still is actually. I’ve written two pieces for Electro Candy and, yes, AND, cleaned the flat. In between all that crazy work I even managed a snow trek through the country to my local “big” town, called Dumfries, or DUMPfries to the locals.

We were going to pick up Sarah’s new digital camera – its small, it’s blue, its shiny, I like it – but I did manage a trip to HMV and my annual “I’m not going to buy any sale DVD’s” speech. This time was no exception, as I managed to pick up 5 brand new DVD’s for the minimal price of fifteen English pounds. I was very happy, as you can see by my over indulgent thumbs up.


I think I did quite well. I managed to refrain from spending any more money, largely thanks to forgetting my debit card (Thank God), and came away with a good selection. I have seen them all before thanks to friends, rentals and piracy, but I really needed them.

In retrospect, I have kind of broke my new year goal of using my money more wisely and resisting the urge to clutter. Although I could have spent a lot more…hmm, we’ll see how the rest of the month goes.

Nt. I did hear of a friend who spent in excess of fifty quid today on HMV DVD’s, so maybe, just maybe, I have not broke my goal.


2 thoughts on “Sales

  1. Just because someone extravagantly broke your new year’s resolution does not mean that you didn’t break it yourself.

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