Happy Birthday (It’s a short one)

This is quick one as we have been celebrating my girlfriends birthday, and will be for the next two days as well, but I will make sure to get a post up earlier. Just finished watching ‘In Bruges’ and I cannot believe how good that movie is. So much to talk about, much of which I will do in the next few days, but it is just so funny. And it has a great blooper reel, Sarah hates them, and I don’t know why as they offer such a great insight into the chemistry of the actors, which will again be – another blog post, for another day.

So, I write this as I watch one of my favourite YouTube videos and wonder to  myself, yet again, why has this video not got more hits? Everyone follow him on Twitter – @MynottComedy – even though he don’t post much.

Hope you enjoyed…”..and I’m back in the room”


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday (It’s a short one)

    • It’s his animations that make the impersonations so good. He’s much better than the majority of the TV talent.

  1. Brilliant – Morgan Freeman is a favourite of mine too. Trying to work out why good stuff never takes off on Youtube is a dark path that’ll only lead to misery… 😦

    • So very true sir. Youtube has so many glittering, golden gems, just buried under the 30 odd feet of complete shit. I was going to use a clever metaphor but no, it’s just that, shit.

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