Top 10 of ’10

Fellow #oneaday writer and editor of Nidzumi, Sam Morris, asked me what my top ten anticipated games of the year are. I hope I don’t ruin the feature by posting them here. Sorry Sam…

1. Skate 3
2. Halo Reach
3. Mass Effect 2
4. Crackdown 2
5. Just Cause 2
6. Brink
7. Bioshock 2
8. Fable 3
9. Batman Arkham Asylum 2
10. Warhammer 40’000 Space Marine

I actually had to go and browse to jog my memory as I am completely incompetent when it comes to remembering release dates – apart from Halo and Skate that is.

I surprised myself when I put Skate 3 ahead of Reach but I just love Skate that much. Skate 2 was my GOTY for ’09, I played it to death, finishing the campaign multiple times and logging in hundreds of hours online. In fact, my claim to fame, I made it into the top 200 on ranked Own The Spot and enjoyed every second of it. I still play it now, although not as much.

Crackdown 2 and Just Cause 2 are high on my list as I loved the originals, both of them have been begging for a sequel for some time now. Brink, I only just looked into recently, and from what I saw, looks to have tons of potential. Sneaking in at number 10 is Warhammer 40’000 Space Marine, I’ve watched some footage and it looks pretty good, just hope it plays well. The rest are the standard big hitters that will grace most peoples lists.

I know I will have missed a ton of games, not including the ones that I have not even heard of yet, and will no doubt have to update this soon. Looking forward to comparing my 2010 GOTY list to this one and seeing how many made the transition. Hopefully lots.

Anyway, I’m off to pamper the birthday girl. That sounds a lot worse than it actually is…or maybe better? I’ll stop now.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 of ’10

  1. Definitely something I was planning to do, in fact, it was something I’d already planned to have done but being lazy, hadn’t.

    It’s a nice list, certainly different, although I did expect to see Skate 3 in there as I know you were a fan of the second. I loved the first one, I thought it was superb, but I really didn’t like the second, I felt it didn’t present itself anything close to as well as the first, it was overly confusing (in presentation), which was a shame, it’s something I’m sure they’ll sort for the third.

    Glad Reach is up there, I’m a certifiable Bungie/Halo fanboy and it’s really high on my list too.

    Some surprising omissions though with the likes of Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Final Fantasy XIII, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, APB, Blur, Mafia 2, Split/Second etc… not on there, that’s not including PS3 exclusives…. I’ve really just depressed myself, because those with the ones you’ve listed is going to make for one very, very skint 2010… but it’s gonna be a good one!

    Nice article :D.

  2. Don’t worry you haven’t spoilt anything. We’re collating our answers anyway for one ultra-concise top 10. Well I say top 10 it’s looking like we might have 20 or so but let’s see how we go.

    Yeah I was surprised with Skate 3 being your number one. I loved the original and was left unsatisfied by the second. Let’s hope it delivers.

  3. @Nokkon – Red Dead Redemption is the only one that would have made my list. The rest have not really hit my radar yet, I know my excitement will build as their release beckons but at the moment, meh. I think a top 20 may have been a better option, or maybe 30 😀

    @Sam Morris – Skate 2 seems to have let down a lot of people, I loved it. I think it had enough added to it but more importantly it had a huge depth of skill. No matter how much you play it there is always room to improve.

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