Back To The Lan

The first time I played Halo was at a mates house at 3am in the morning,  we were very drunk on split screen campaign. I remember being amazed at the sheer chaos of it all – both of us driving round in tanks destroying every covenant that came in our way. From then on we had Halo 2 LAN parties, with about 4 TV’s, 4 Xbox’s and as many people as we could cram round the TV’s.

When Halo 3 came out my friend, Damian, did not own a 360. After many an afternoon split screening at my flat he eventually caved and bought a shiny Xbox and a copy of Halo. Damian became DAMO666z. He racked up over 15 hours of Halo in that first weekend and has continued that trend to this day.

Even though we both have Xbox’s and play over Live, we still make time to meet up at mine and fire up the split screen. Although today, we thought we would relive the good old LAN days, even though there are only two of us (maybe 3).


With that picture I bid you farewell. I’m off to eat some cheeseburgers and play FAR too much Halo3.  See you on Monday night.


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