Downtime = Good Times

Twitter is doon

As much as I love the internet, and especially Twitter, I’m finding it increasingly hard to just ‘switch off’ – avoid TweetDeck, ignore the curiosity over my inbox and stay the hell away from gaming websites. The only time I seem to be able do this is when I’m away from the flat, asleep, or inevitably gaming. Even when I am on the Xbox I’m always checking back every 15 minutes to see what my faceless friends have been up to.

I want to be able to sit down and read a good book without the little shuffle of TweetDeck updating in the corner of my eye.  As sad as it sounds I think I’m going to have to actually turn everything off so I can avoid the distractions.

Contrary to what the start of the post suggests, I am not some sort of social outcast; I’m often the one who will be cracking jokes and talking utter bollocks to random strangers, oblivious to their bored expressions. But in recent years I have had to put a bit of a hold on my social life, which has been hard, but Xbox Live, forums, Twitter and the Internet in general have been a great help.  I’ve made some friends and even had the pleasure of meeting some of them in the flesh.

Thanks to some recent improvements I am starting to get out and about again. And you know what, I don’t miss it anywhere near as much as I though I did. I’m happy to go out for the occasional drink in the pub rather than the whole weekend. I’d rather be sitting at home with Sarah and a few friends, enjoying a glass of wine (beer), listening to some good music and chatting utter bollocks to them, again, oblivious to their bored expressions.

But it all comes back to Twitter and his little friends. When all the people leave and Sarah is busy doing art or whatever, I want to be able to just…disconnect. Ignore them. Read. Write. Draw. Whatever.

But I can’t, and it’s driving me up the bloody wall. I miss reading books, when I was a kid I used to read every single night before bed – I even continued this trend well into my teenage years. In recent years I go through book devouring periods where I can read a book or two in the space of a week and then never pick one up again for six months.

It’s not like I have nothing to read as I have The Anniversary Man by R.J. Ellory sitting there, as well as the new Pratchett book. Not to mention a complete shit-ton of books that I’ve missed (in fact, if you have any suggestions then please leave a comment).

With this in mind I am going to start devoting a period of my day to switching the PC off and doing something relaxing. How long this will last is down to me and myself, and that is where the problem lies.


2 thoughts on “Downtime = Good Times

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Sounds like a good idea to try to switch off for a while each day, I might do that too! Certainly at the weekend.

  2. I think I said all of this to my wife a few days ago, in this age of Twitter and instant connections it’s hard to turn it off. Maybe it’s a fear of missing out on things or some such drivel, who knows. I am in the same boat though, I have a stack of DVDs and books that need attention, hell I even have a ton of games that want playing.

    I find that my problem is a lack of motivation and attention, ever since some personal problems a few years back I’ve been the same. Shame really as I used to be a book fiend, now I just read a bunch of blogs everyday 😉

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