Be a Hero!

The ever wonderful Bungie are offering Halo fans a couple of ways to donate money to Haiti.

Buy these t-shirts for $19.99and Bungie will donate their share of the profits directly to the rescue and relief operations that are under way in Haiti.

If, like me, you are currently a little stripped for cash – although I will donate directly tomorrow – then all you have to do is play Halo 3 or ODST anytime between 00:01AM PST Wednesday, 1/20, through 23:59PM PST Thursday 1/21 (PST is 8 hours behind the UK so out times will be a little different) while wearing the heart emblem – details of how to do that here.

For every thousand players that participate, Bungie will donate $100 upto a total of $77,000. We have to spread the word and get online, even of you’re not a big fan just get your arese on that one night and help Bungie help the Haitans.

If you take screenshots and videos, tag them on Bnet with ‘HERO’, then you could win one of the T-shirts. What do you have to lose? Nothing!

I will be playing Halo all day and nagging anyone who does not have a heart emblem. Get on and spread the word.


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