Irock an Ipod

I’ve had a bloody busy day today, as almost every Saturday has been this year – I was chopping up meat and serving sausages to old ladies at the local butchers, then entertaining the girlfriends brother (not related).

But what I have done is format and sort out my Ipod music, something that I have not done a for a good few years now, and I’ve decided to cut the shit and keep it good. There is a lot of music that I have to “check” first before I put on it as I don’t want to be stuck with a rubbish album on random shuffle. But still, I have managed to fill my 30gig Ipod with 11 gig od top-notch CHOONS!

What have I added? Well you are going to have to wait and find out when I eventually (wink wink) get invited to do a ’10 random Ipod Tracks’ over at Electro Candy. Rather than make you ill from thewait here is two artists that I’ve been dying to add…

P.O.S – Optimist

Fatso Jetson – Light Yourself On Fire

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