And on the 17th Day, he Mused…

I had to finish Wolfenstein 3D today as I am reviewing it for VidogameUK. Shockingly, I started playing this before Christmas, the 22nd to be exact. I was very busy through Christmas and New year so put it off until this year, but even after all the guests had left, and the tree had been taken down, I was still neglecting the game. Why? Lack of immersion.

I wont go into too much detail as my review will hopefully be up tomorrow, but what I will say is this: the game is pretty good but it did not engage me on any level.

It got me thinking, I will happily play any game that comes my way and often try to eek out a large chunk of achievements, but if the game does not grab me – regardless of its overall quality – then it generally gets dropped by the wayside. Even the brilliant Fallout 3 only lasted a few hours, to my surprise as well as yours, as I’m a massive RPG fan, especially Bethesda.

This on its own does not sound too bad until you realise that I’ve completed games like King Kong. Not at launch, but only a few months ago. I actually rented it to get an easy 1k and I can honestly say it was one of the most tedious games I have ever played.

This was the problem with Wolfy – did not engage me and weak achievements. It worries me that I have the capacity to sit and play a rubbish game for 5 – 10 hours just because I know 900 – 1k is certified. Surely that time would be better spent playing a good game, or even trying to lose myself in a game I’ve already given up on?

I wish I could give other games more patience, games that deserve it, games like Fallout 3.


2 thoughts on “And on the 17th Day, he Mused…

  1. Oddly enough I talk about a similar topic on my OneADay post today. In regards to Fallout 3 though, I’ve sunk a big chunk of time into it but not really all at once. I’m still playing it from time to time, just doing a bit of exploring/adventuring/questing each time I’m on. It doesn’t really feel like I’m progressing all the time, but it feels like I’m existing in that world. Although when I’m forced along a certain mission (the Operation Anchorage DLC springs to mind) it feels like a huge slog.

    • Hey, I just resurrected this comment from my spam bin. No idea why WordPress decided to move it there? Strange people.

      I’ll have to go take a look at that post, even though it’s more than a week old now. Confusing.

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