19. PS3: Quick Thoughts

Busy day today. Went to see my big bruva and had a good 3 hour stint on the PS3, finally giving me a chance to get to grips with the likes of Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2. I’d like to go into great detail but I have more family coming round to play Halo for Be a Hero.

Quick thoughts on the whole affair :

Console – Slick interface
Slow Loading times
Nice and quiet

Pad – Decadent design – 360 is the daddy.
Feels very flimsy
Don’t like the shoulder buttons: they’re too…bouncy?

Uncharted 2 – Beautiful
Great controls for climbing and such
Drake is very funny, such a likeable character
Facial/clothes animation is possibly the best I have ever seen

Killzone 2 – Even more chaotic than the original
Guns look and feel great – very meaty
Enemy AI seems very impressive creating long sustained fire-fights
Movement felt very clunky

Motorstorm – Fucking love it!

Like I said, quick thoughts. Now I’m off to score me some Pizza and chips. Much love.


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