22. Check Out Me Shelves…

Today has been strangely busy, I even got a lot of things done. I managed to write a review, play Star Trek Online (EVENTUALLY! FUCKING DOWNLOADS!) for a few hours, and ultimately, move 6′ set of shelves into the living room.

The shelves are now a complete geek paradise, I’ve wanted somewhere to house my collection for far too long. What do you think…

The rest

Not bad, eh? The DVD’s featured are just my TV/standup/music etc. I have a lot more films in another cabinet to the left.

I have a friend coming over for his birthday tomorrow and we think he is staying for a few days SO I’m going to try and squeeze some articles out. I had an idea planned for it but I’ve lost the time somehow. Tsk…

Note. You will not believe the amount of fucking trouble I have had trying to get the pictures on this post. WP’s ‘Upload/Insert’ option would not work, I could not get the image url off of Flickr, Facebook crashed every time I tried to upload the pics. This post was so close to just being an untitled update with the word ‘fuck you’ written in the middle of the page.

In fact, today’s #oneaday has ruined my night, enjoy!

Note 2. I know the last two pictures are too small but fuck it, it’s late and I cant be arsed. Where’s my cider?


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