24. The One Where I Stereotype Scottish People

Aren’t hangovers shit? I mean really, really shit.

I have just about shaken mine off after last nights shenanigans. I seem to follow a ritual now, which is a sign that I may have them too often, but when that ritual gets broken then I suffer. The one never-fail-cure, is this..

..pie and some irn-bru! Lovely.

Today was rough though, going to bed a couple of hours later than I planned, still 4 hours earlier than Damian, who stayed up chatting to my girlfriend until 8am. I think I would have been fine if it was not for the fore mentioned Damo, constantly topping up my vodka and coke with more and more vodka. I didn’t even notice and drank it regardless, going from cheery drunk to where-is-my-bed-you-fucks drunk. Then getting woken up at 10 am by the bin men, resulting in me lying on the couch for most of the day.

But here I am, felt fine all night and even had a haggis and chips for my tea – is this getting a little stereotypical? The one thing that did suffer is creativity. I’ve had this window open since 11am and only now, three minutes off a full twelve hours since I started, am I getting round to finishing it.

But hey, I did see Wall-E for the first time and I thought it was bloody good. Amazing animation, great characters, and most surprisingly, a good story. I did not expect that. Perfect hangover film.

Tomorrow brings blu-ray day! And possibly a McDonalds breakfast! And an improved #oneaday!

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