26. Adventureland (another late one)

The Blu-ray marathon continued with Public Enemies and Adventureland, sadly missing out on Terminator Salvation as the disc just would not play. Thanks, Blockbuster. Public Enemies is very good, and stunning on Blu-ray of course, but the real treat was Adventureland.

It’s a refreshing feeling to watch a film that I know relatively nothing about. I don’t watch a lot of the blockbusters when they come out because I don’t like to be taken up by the hype. I prefer to wait until a few months afterwards when the media are harping on about the next big thing.

I know Bill Hader and Ryan Reynolds, both of which I’m fans of, but the majority of the cast were new to me. I now know that Em is played by the Twilight girl (shudders) and have only just realised that the lead character is played by Jessie Eisenberg from Zombieland. Which annoyed me throughout the entire film – thank you imdb, I love you.

I’m not going to bore you with the story as I’m far too lazy, here’s the link. What I loved about the film was its honesty. It portrayed the awkwardness of love and sex brilliantly by creating realised characters, that I have now completely fallen for. It is similar in style to the likes of Juno and Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, but I for one commend this style. I want more films like this. More to add to the likes of Ghost World, Thumbsucker and Garden State. More honest, quirky films. I demand it!

Actually, while your here, can you recommend me any films like the ones listed above? I know of more and probably own some but like I said, I’m lazy, and it’s 02:06 AM. Hopefully life will get back to some form of regularity tomorrow.


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