27. mumble, mumble, mumb…BANG! BANG!! BANG!!!

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Why do certain films have such terrible audio? Quiet, mumbled talking then suddenly MUSIC! Making you scramble across the floor to grab the remote, popcorn spraying the TV, beer getting kicked over, and the cat scrambling to find a dark corner. Then when you get your hands on the remote, silence, the audio returns to normal, conversations resume, cat starts eating popcorn.

Why am I ranting about this? Because it fucking annoys me. Especially thanks to my downstairs neighbour, who, although nicer these days, has turned me into a noise-Nazi due to his incessant banging on the roof.

The most recent perpetrator was Public Enemies. The muted conversations forced me to turn the volume up to fifty-two, yes fifty-fucking-two. Not a respectable audio for talking. I can deal with this, but when the sudden burst of a tommy gun  shatters my eardrums, then I get even more pissed off than my neighbours.

Why can’t they, the film making people, sort it out? Levelling the volume to a respectable level, higher for talking, lower for splosions. Or at least install a ‘grumpy cunt neighbour’ audio option? Problem solved.


5 thoughts on “27. mumble, mumble, mumb…BANG! BANG!! BANG!!!

  1. This pisses me off so much. It’s ridiculous. You get it on TV shows too.

    I don’t mind it in action movies, after all, you expect the crash, bang, wallop of the audio to be a little unbalanced, but you’re right, in a movie like Public Enemies where the conversation is essentially what drives the movie then it’s annoying as hell.

    Audio normalization is a real pet hate of mine, sometimes it’s just too annoying.

  2. Not so much TV shows but TV channels. Why do I have to turn my volume up from 14 to 30 for one show, only to be slammed by loud adverts. I mean, it’s great if you live in a detached house with a whopping surround sound but I don’t, so, stop it. Please.

  3. I believe it’s so that you hear it when you leave the room to make a cup of tea etc…
    I remember Channel 5 actually got fined for how much louder they had their adverts.

  4. The only thing worse than this is bloody “shakey-cam”, which is overused in so many action films and consequently ruins them as you spend half the time not being able to see wtf is going on.

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