30. Footy Ramblings

I don’t want people to label me as some sort of ‘glory hunter’, but I only started properly supporting Liverpool about 5 years ago. If I tell people this then I normally get sneered at. I’ve always had asoft spot for them, even owning one of their shirts when I was a kid, but I was always a Rangers fan.

I still am a Rangers fan, kind of. I just got tired of the SPL and Scottish football fans. What I mean by that is the stupid arguing and bullshit you get in pubs. Especially old firm games. It’s ridiculous. If you watch one of your players almost break someone’s leg, I mean a really obvious attempt, then blame the ref and say the other player is diving, then something is wrong. I have been guilty of it but only until I see the replay. I like to watch football, enjoy it, but not fight about it. It’s fucking stupid.

This has transitioned into the Premier League as well, with people taking the piss and arguing with me. I just don’t care if you’re a Man United fan. Good for you. Don’t like your team but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you. Well, now I don’t, because you are a twat.

Anyway, moaning aside. This season I have found myself in an interesting predicament. Being a relatively new fan of the Premier League I like a lot of teams and a lot of players. This was fine when Liverpool were coasting in the top four. But now their fighting for the fourth spot I want teams that I quite like to lose. Lose badly. Especially today, I want Pompy to beat City, and I like City.

It’s a new experience for me, and I am enjoying it. Well enjoying it is the wrong word as it has been a shit season so far, but it is a tense one.

Oh, is that the time? Better get comfy, the games on in 10.


2 thoughts on “30. Footy Ramblings

  1. I have the exact same thing with bias towards teams. I’m a Spurs fan but I like to think I’m pretty honest when it comes to admitting when a foul is a foul and when a goal was offside.

    I have a friend who supports Arsenal – so maybe I’m a little bias here – but he is adamant that all referees are against his club. Like every little decision that goes against his beloved Arsenal is part of the big conspiracy behind football. It’s ridiculous, I don’t really like talking about football with him because it always inevitably turns to bent refs.

    • Yeah, it’s stupid. I went to the pub to watch the last old firm match and it was almost like a comedy sketch. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from laughing. Open your bloody eyes, people.

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