56. Lazy Sunday?

I haven’t had one, not in the slightest. Woke up at 10 and was off lifting heavy freezers and strange electrical equipment by 11. There was a purpose to the lifting, it wasn’t some kind of strange Scottish Sunday morning fitness routine. Kevin, (Sarah’s brother) and I were taking some stuff to the dump for a family friend and we even took a car and a half of junk from the flat as well, which has really freed up some space.

When we got back from the third trip I made a smashing fry up of a pile of sausages, bacon, beans, fried egg and toast. Brilliant. The copious calorie consumption and fresh air really blew the cob webs away, of which there were a few after the 4am bed.

After the feast we put some other junk, including 2 christmas trees, into the attic. We actually found a pretty nice veneer table that’s now in our bedroom. Score. Then (I know, even more, shocking) me and Sarah cleaned up some clothes in the bedroom, changed bed sheets and moved some furniture.

Tonight is going to be relaxing as I am bloody knackered. I may have a shot of Skate 2 with Damo and possibly watch a movie. Lovely.


55. Excite-o-meter: Skate 3 (part 1)

Excited would be an understatement. I will literally explode with joy up on booting up this game. With every trailer and pro video it builds within me. The newest one to whet my whistle has been this one here:

I think I’m more excited about skating the Downtown area but this video shows some really smooth animations. That seems to be the biggest change since Skate 2 and I’m perfectly happy with this as the game does not need tons of new tricks, just upgrade and improve what you have, then add a few key new tricks – don’t do what Tony Hawk did.

The video also features a quick glimpse of the new Fun Track, a place where I have, and still do, spend far too much time. The one big issue that has emerged has been the announcement of regions and not one huge city. Which on the surface does sound a bit bad, but if Cuz is telling the truth, and each region is massive, then who cares? More to skate equals more longevity, no?

I cannot wait, as I have already said, but Fuck it. It’s going to be great. Hopefully.

Oh, and you can view more videos here.


Holt shit, it’s after midnight and I’m still drinking beer. Been up at a family “party” watching the Wales vs France game and partaking in some festivities. Nice way to end a stressful week. Should not have kept drinking beer though. Just feeling stressed and enjoying the release. I have fallen behind in my #oneaday articles as well, with two to do to be even. I was considering jacking it in today, on multiple occasions, but I’ve decided to give it one last throw of the dice. Who knows? If I can nail these two catch up articles, both of which I have good ideas for, then I might be back in the game.

I’ve also been playing hellish amounts of Skate 2 online, the only game my head has been able to get around this week. Today though, I knuckled down and fought my way through the AvP campaigns for a Nidzumi review. I’m on the last Predator mission, finished the Alien one (which was great) and have the majority of the Marine campaign to do – I left this because it’s too scary for me.

Considering watching a film and polishing off the remaining beers, not sure what though, I have a few I’ve not seen but might settle on something familiar. There is a ton of films that I’ve not seen from last year, a lot I’ve found from looking through Roger Eberts reviews. I won’t lie and say I’ll buy them on DVD, because I don’t have the money, I’ll probably download them then buy the ones that stand out, which knowing me will be quite a few.

Not been up to that much else this week, just deciding what to do with the whole housing thing. I think we’re going to stay here in the meantime while we try to get a house through the council. If this happens then we will save a hell of a lot of money and be under someone reliable. I would also love a garden as we have never had one. Well, we have one at the moment, but it is tiny and locked away at the back corner of a shared 4-in-a-block-flat complex so we don’t really use it.

Oh, 2 minutes to go, what to talk about. I’ve quite enjoyed this exercise, it’s perfect for this time of night when you just want to get something out there but can’t focus on an individual topic. I’ll try to not rely on them too much though, preferring to use my tumblr option, which I should have utilised these past few days. Silly me.

Shit, times up.

52. Chasing Threads

Today has been hectic. Phone calls here, talking to people there, tidying everywhere. And, after all that was done, playing and completing a game that is WAY overdue for reviewing (thank you Neil). But I have now completed it and will be penning my thoughts tomorrow morning. I’m actually looking forward to writing this one as it’s been an interesting experience – lots of positives, lots of negatives and a heap of nostalgia on top.

The housing situation had been a mix of good and bad, with a few options being closed down and a few others being opened up. Tomorrow I will be chasing up 4 possible flats, one of which would be ideal as it’s right above a butchers so noise would not be an issue. But we do not know if it’s free, and even if it is, how affordable is it? So that’s a maybe. Two more will involve trips to Estate Agents and one is a pure freak lucky chance that they have a free flat.

What today has taught me is you have to be bold. You have to be direct and just ask people. Something that I tended to shy away from, often ignoring problems until they become all encompassing behemoths. But this is supposed to be the new us, right? We’re going to get on top of our shit.

Gaming articles will be back soon, it’s just that housing is on my mind, yo.

51. Holburn, No More!

It’s amazing how you can go from the depths of despair to adrenaline filled joy in just 24 hours. The transformation was down to a wonderful, loving girlfriend and expertly helpful, understanding parents. I’m not saying I’m out of the water but I now know the way to the surface… if that makes any sense.

The only option ahead of us is moving out of the flat. Something that we were planning to do this year but not on such short notice. We have to get our names down on the housing lists and look for a smaller, cheaper, and probably nicer flat than this one to rent in the meantime. Preferably in the village as well. This, however, is obviously not going to be as easy as it sounds. I would love it if by some freak chance there was a perfect flat free and we could phone Holburn and tell them to go fuck themselves, but realistically we will have to wait until something decent comes up.

In the meantime we have lots to do: phone calls aplenty, packing to be done in preparation, money to be saved, all alongside other usual distractions. But strangely I am excited. Excited for change. Having a blank canvas to start over again, a new place to explore and make our own. If things go well then come summertime, and more importantly my 25th birthday, we could be better off than we are now.

It will be scary though, we have to grow up very fast and deal with our first real adult grown up people problems. I mean, we have been through things that very few couples have, and have come out stronger than most, but we’ve never had to deal with houses and rent increases and all that malarkey. I might even be getting back to working, which is good, yet I know the tediousness will kick in. But I am just so looking forward to change. I wish I could just press a button and appear at the other side of it, though.

Anyway, enough ramblings. My mind is literally abuzz with the chatter of thoughts, all fighting to be dealt with first. A shower. You shall be dealt with first.

50. Oh, Bullet Points Are Fun!

Whoo, fifty posts and all that jazz. Yay. Shame I’m not in a mood to celebrate, more in a mood to drink and listen to comforting music. I am doing that now.

I promise I won’t whine about money and housing but  since that’s all that’s on my mind I wont be able to coherent interesting thoughts about other, less infuriating topics.  So this is going to ramble a little bit. And probably be short (insert sex life joke here). But I will try and list some thoughts that have passed through my murky brain today.

  • Xbox needs more old-school RPG’s like Vandal Hearts
  • I need a new guitar and mic to play Rockband – sucks.
  • The Strokes are really good. Why don’t I have their albums?
  • Artic Monkeys are like the Strokes, according to a Youtube comment, might be some truth behind that.
  • Marilyn Manson’s video to Long Hard Road Out of Hell is scary
  • Scottish people call all their friend’s cunts when in the pub
  • Chocolate fairy cakes are tasty, but if you eat too many you will get toothache
  • Tumblr is fun. Should I move this blog across? Can’t decide yet.

Oh yeah, I set up a tTumblr account, check it out here.

Tomorrow will involve more cohesive thoughts and less alcohol based winging.

49. I Hate Holburn Housing

I was really looking forward today, I even had an early night and nice long lie to prepare for it, my plan involved hammering through a review game in-between games of football, and then writing at night. But plans change.

I got up and treated myself to a bowl of cereal, a glass of Fanta Zero and a fairy cake (how healthy) only to be interrupted by a knock on the door. Thinking it was one of two parcels I have been waiting for, I got up and ran for the door smacking my big toe off something. Limping and bleeding I hobbled towards the door to see a leaflet drop through the letterbox.

A fucking parliament leaflet.

Why did you have to knock the door to deliver junk mail? I threw it back through the letterbox hoping they would have stayed around long enough to see my act of disapproval. But it turns out that this was nothing compared to my next piece of news.

My GF got up and opened the mail from earlier. Tucked away in the nonsense was a letter from our landlord. Calmly laying out the wonderful fact of a £150 rent increase. No explanation, no “if you  disagree”, just two paragraphs and a squiggly undecipherable signature. I grabbed the phone and left a venomous yet polite message detailing why I hate them and their stupid company.

They were already overcharging us after increasing the rent by £80, only a month after taking over, but this? This is bullshit. How the hell are we supposed to find a 40% increase in income? Ugh. Monday is going to bring a series of phone calls and a lot of life changing thoughts.