33. What Do You Mean My Wii Fit Age is 34?!?

Yesterday greeted me with a fun yet uncomfortable experience. Playing Wii Fit with my mum. This was the first time I have ever had the pleasure (?) of playing the game, and while i had great fun, I am really paying for it today.

I got a little carried away and tried to have a shot of every game in a 40 minute stint of play. The one that broke me was the hula hoop. Not the one where you spin one hoop, but the one where you have to catch up to four of them AND keep them spinning. What an ordeal. I was trying so hard to kill myself  in the hope of beating my Dad’s score, as despite my best efforts on the previous games, his name was always number 1 – and number 2 and 3 as well usually.

But I got him on the Hula game, smashed his score by 100 or so spins. BOOYAH! Eat it old man (sorry Dad).

The one thing I have taken away from the experience (besides back pain) is the desire to get fit again. I’m not overweight at all, in fact I am almost perfectly within my BMI index. I just want to shave off the winter belly and improve my cardio, as I used to be able to play football for two hours every day, week in, week out. But now I don’t think I’d last a half hour.

Damn you, Gaming!

Oh, and I”m 24.

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