38. Good Morning, Sir.

This is technically yesterdays post, but I’m not counting it as late as I haven’t went to bed yet. I have been asleep, but not bed, so there.

I was reading Sean Bell’s post on Alarm Clocks this morning, while dining on a fried roll breakast, and it put me in my mind of this. The ultimate alarm clock. For those too lazy to click the link, it’s an alarm clock that is narrated by the one and only Stephen Fry. Imagine waking up every morning to his dulcet tones; how could you be in a bad mood?

At 50 quid, it is rather costly, but the 150 different messages do help add to the value. I want it regardless.


3 thoughts on “38. Good Morning, Sir.

  1. Nice idea for an alarm clock. But eventually, I think it would just make me hate Stephen Fry – and that is a thing that should never come to pass. I really dislike having to get up at the behest of outside influences, however dulcet in tone.

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