Sad face...

WHY BUNGIE?!? Possibly the most overused phrase in Halo, but this time I’m serious Bungie. Why have you screwed up Big Team Battle?

Big Team used to be the go-to playlist for me, filled with great maps and tons of vehicles, it was tactical and fun. But recently something has happened. For some reason, you, the great masters have ruined it by opening it up to players who don’t own DLC, forcing you to play either Sandtrap or Valhalla. Forever…

Now I have no problem with these maps. Hell, we even have a history together, these were the bad-boys I cut my teeth on – the home of my first running riot, my first sniper triple kill – but I’ve moved on. My heart now lies in the icy valleys of Avalanche, or the open lands of Sandtrap and its many variants. Even the newly introduced Longshore, where me and my sniper rifle have had many a fond day.

Even better were the days when all of these maps could co-exist, making it such a rich playlist. Why now, are the fans who spent our money on your maps, your beloved creations, being forced to play the same two levels over and over? Why Bungie? Answer me! Why?

Now I know you have recently opened up the new mythic maps to download on the marketplace, but that’s not going to fix things. These people, they’re not fans, they’re casual gamers, and they are spoiling my favourite game. I want them out, I want my playlist back.

Don’t make me go to Modern Warfare 2 Bungie… please…

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