44. Cooking

I don’t do enough of it. And there really is no excuse. The kitchen’s a mess, then clean it. Ingredients are expensive, then get a new recipe.

But when I do get the bug (for cooking, not food poisoning) then I really enjoy it. Spinning around the kitchen in a mad daze, washing up, tidying, chopping, stirring, all at the same time. Usually accompanied by very loud music blasting out my Ipod speakers.

But like everything else good in my life (besides gaming) I just drift away from it. Retiring to my fort of pizza box’s and snack food.

So tonight I made a promise to cook more! I made pasta with sliced sausages, sticking with something simple to get back in the swing of things. But tomorrow I’m pushing the boat out, baby. I’m buying me a ton of mince and making chilli (which I love), then using the rest to make Shepard’s pie, or possibly lasagna. I’ve never even attempted any of the above recipes, so wish me luck. I will keep you posted with the results, as well as harassing my mum for times and tips.

Oh, and if you have any recipe ideas then feel free to link them I want me some fine cuisine!


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