45. Where Are My Words?

I seem to be working at a Jennifer Allen pace this week after taking on a lot of work last week only to come down with word constipation. It seems to have gone (touch wood) and I am only now finishing off some late reviews.

It’s the first time I’ve had writer’s block in a long time and I really didn’t enjoy it. I know the way to beat it is too just face it head on and, well, write. But I ended up just staring at a WP page in a daze, not knowing what to write and hating whatever was going to come.

It certainly has made me think twice about taking on a big work load, it may be better to work on a weekly schedule. But sometimes you just have to take it when it comes, especially when lots of exciting game offers come your way.

Ah well, once I get these last two done I will have a day off to play some other games before the next bundle arrive. I know it sounds like I’m complaining but trust me when I say this: I fucking love it!


3 thoughts on “45. Where Are My Words?

  1. I actually tried to tidy my desk but it still didn’t work. But yeah, I do agree with you, when your mind is stress free then the words do flow a lot better.

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