46. Why So Negative?

I was going to put an article on my slight worries about Halo Reach and Skate 3, both sequels to my current favourite games on the 360, but on watching videos for research I got a little drawn in to some of the comment sections. Why are people so negative about something they have never, ever played? It’s ok to be critical, voicing your worries – like I was going to do – and the likes, but when you comment something like this:

What a steaming pile of shit. They should have taken more time with number 2 even and revamped the animation/physics system. They turned something so potentially good to an easy add more tricks/features money maker. Business is so cash hungry.

Why start a well worded point (although wrong) with something like that? A steaming pile of shit? Really? Have you played it? No, you watched a 1:50 video about it and decided right there that it was, as you so eloquently put it, a steaming pile of shit. And I’m not even going to start on your point as it is completely the opposite of what Black Box have done.

Lets look at another:

atleast its got better graphics then gaylo reach

Eh… yeah, not much to say to that one.


2 thoughts on “46. Why So Negative?

  1. However ill-informed, however ignorant, however prejudiced or bigoted, can an opinion ever be definitively wrong? I think you’ve almost fallen into the trap about which you are preaching.

    • You’re right. I was just angry. My other post is a bit more composed. I just don’t see the reason why people have to start, or end, a concise and reasonable comment with a flame. It completely destroys any sort of discussion and turns it into a troll war.,

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