47. /That/ Debate.

I still find it strange that people complain about Halo. I’m not saying it’s a perfect game, hell, I fall out with it every time I play it, but what I hate is the overly negative fan-boy comments that get spewed over Halo and Modern Warfare alike. Both games have their individual merits that draw in a similar, yet inherently different crowd, but Halo still draws the most flack, and I think there are reasons for this.

You see, Halo 3 is a slow-burner, it will give some casual players enjoyment but the combination of slower movement, shields, and low gravity jumping can put people off – not even mentioning the sci-fi element. But if you can persevere with it and get used to the fabled BR and grenade combo, get used to the level design and the flow the jump can give you, then Halo 3 quickly becomes one of the most balanced and rewarding multiplayer games out there.

MW2 offers a much simpler package to new-comers as it resembles, well, modern warfare. Anyone who has watched an action/war film (Or even the bloody News) will know the set-pieces and locations well and buy into it with ease. The gameplay is also realistic with faster movement and realistic weapons (up to a point). Give this the time and it too will offer a ton of depth and customisation. However, I do think Modern Warfare 2 lacks the balance that makes Halo 3, and the original MW, so good. Much of this comes from the sheer amount of guns and kill streaks, most of which are not unlockable to lower ranked players, that leads to far too much spawn killing and cheap deaths – not to mention the bullet lag that the killcam shows (although I am a fan of the creation. These reasons mount up to why I have fallen out with Modern Warfare 2.

Right. You see what I did there? I explained my opinions, and that’s the key word here, in a non-confrontational way. Not once did I call any game a steaming pile of shit.

Take note, Internet.

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