49. I Hate Holburn Housing

I was really looking forward today, I even had an early night and nice long lie to prepare for it, my plan involved hammering through a review game in-between games of football, and then writing at night. But plans change.

I got up and treated myself to a bowl of cereal, a glass of Fanta Zero and a fairy cake (how healthy) only to be interrupted by a knock on the door. Thinking it was one of two parcels I have been waiting for, I got up and ran for the door smacking my big toe off something. Limping and bleeding I hobbled towards the door to see a leaflet drop through the letterbox.

A fucking parliament leaflet.

Why did you have to knock the door to deliver junk mail? I threw it back through the letterbox hoping they would have stayed around long enough to see my act of disapproval. But it turns out that this was nothing compared to my next piece of news.

My GF got up and opened the mail from earlier. Tucked away in the nonsense was a letter from our landlord. Calmly laying out the wonderful fact of a £150 rent increase. No explanation, no “if you  disagree”, just two paragraphs and a squiggly undecipherable signature. I grabbed the phone and left a venomous yet polite message detailing why I hate them and their stupid company.

They were already overcharging us after increasing the rent by £80, only a month after taking over, but this? This is bullshit. How the hell are we supposed to find a 40% increase in income? Ugh. Monday is going to bring a series of phone calls and a lot of life changing thoughts.


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